LeoForce™ Recruiting Robotics software is for recruiting teams who spend
the bulk of their time searching for talent, but want more time to engage.




You read and hear a lot about retention in staffing as a key part of success in a staffing company or the HR department of an organization. What you don't see a lot in regards to retention is knowledge retention, but I'll get to that in a second. Usually, we're referring to retaining employees which is pretty straight forward. After you hire someone, you make an effort to create a work environment that encourages the employee to stay. This has many benefits including avoiding costs and headaches. This is also pretty general in the fact that high employee retention isn't a department specific goal as it includes most, if not all of the positions within an organization. What about the recruiters and staffing personnel, specifically? I saw it all the time when I recruited. So-and-so left the staffing firm to go be a corporate recruiter. What’s-his-name is moving out of town and got a recruiting job with another staffing firm there. What happens when they leave? You spend a lot of time and money filling the void they’ve created. First, you have to delegate any current candidates they have involved with a hiring process. That puts added stress on account managers, recruiters and HR managers. After that, you divvy up the other candidates they had in their pipeline and among other things, hire someone to take their place.


Now, let's get back to knowledge retention. How are you going to retain the things that made that recruiter valuable? The ways he or she found candidates for a particular job, and even for a particular client? Where they searched and found these candidates? The exact messaging they used that got qualified candidates to respond to them and not the other 100 recruiters out there? These are crucial behaviors and patterns that are lost as soon as that person walks out of the door. The answer is technology. First it was the wheel, then air conditioning (my personal favorite) and then the internet. Now, it is recruiting robotics. What if you could retain all the things mentioned in the previous paragraph? What if you could use that information for the new recruiter you just hired to replace the one that just left? And also use it across your entire team? As you can tell, I like to be mysterious and ask a lot of questions. But if you’re interested in learning a little more about recruiting robotics and how it will drastically help your organization, please take a gander here. Oh yea, the microwave is another great technological invention. I’m a big fan of Hot Pockets.