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How to Make a Great Recruiting Video (plus 8 of our favorites!)

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When it comes to winning the best talent, providing a top-notch candidate experience is crucial. There is one question that always runs through the candidate’s mind when considering a job opportunity: can they picture themselves working at your company? In order to answer this question, it’s better to show your candidate, rather than tell them. This is why recruiting videos have become an increasingly important tool for HR professionals.

According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Aside from the capability to have a bigger impact on a candidate, video content also makes companies seem “more human and personable”, according to the LinkedIn Talent Solutions blog. “[Video] gives people a chance to express how they feel and say how they feel whilst in the moment, providing a fresh outlook and making them relatable to the people watching,” the blog stated.

Recruiting videos will also increase brand awareness of your company, as online video watching has become increasingly popular. Recent studies have found that YouTube is the third most visited website and predict that video watching will account for 69% of all internet traffic by 2017.

So, do you want to enhance candidate experience, give your company a personality, and increase brand awareness? Then it’s time for you to make a recruiting video. We’ve compiled eight of our all-time favorite recruiting videos for you to use as inspiration. Enjoy!

1. Shopify

This is an example of a broadly targeted recruiting video that could be used successfully by any department in the company. The best part of the video is the non-scripted, natural feel it achieves through sincere employee testimonials. The candor of the employees enables potential candidates to truly picture their lives as a Shopify employee—which would entail not being “trapped in a cubicle hell” as one employee puts it.

2. Starbucks

As opposed to Shopify, this Starbucks recruiting video has a clearly defined target audience. The video does a great job of speaking to what young Millennials are looking for in the workplace, such as professional development, advancement opportunities, and an exciting company culture. Learn more about recruiting Millennials here.

3. Mary Kay

Like Starbucks, Mary Kay also has a very targeted approach in recruiting. This video successfully engages women who are interested in a flexible work environment and empowering other women through their work.

4. Barclay’s

This is a fabulous example of a highly creative recruiting video. Barclay’s took one of their weaknesses—the fact that they were somewhat under the radar—and used it to pique potential candidates’ interest and compel them to reconsider their initial opinion of the company. It’s also notable that the video’s purpose was achieved in just one minute. Since the average human attention span is only eight seconds, the shorter your recruitment videos are is most likely for the better.

5. Humana

In direct comparison to Barclay’s unique video, Humana’s recruiting video may seem lackluster. However, not all recruiting videos have to be imaginative masterpieces! This video is effective because it is direct, straightforward, and most importantly, provides a clear call-to-action for potential candidates.

6. Hubspot

This recruiting video effectively showcases Hubspot’s fun start-up culture. It utilizes real footage of the office and highlights some of the company’s most attractive benefits, such as their unlimited vacation policy, free snacks and beer, and a dog friendly office. Who wouldn’t want to work at Hubspot after watching this video?


KPMG implements a unique strategy in their recruiting video as it focuses on only one employee and her experience. In contrast to other recruiting videos that give you a broad understanding of a company, this video gives you a narrower comprehension, but a better personal feel.

8. Zendesk

We saved the best for last. As Maria Ignatova of LinkedIn Talent said, if this recruiting video doesn’t impress you, nothing will. This video is a great example of simplicity and how you can create fun recruiting videos without fancy equipment. The video shows you the everyday aspects of working at Zendesk, such as what your office views look like, where you might enjoy your lunch breaks, and what your desk will be like. The simplicity of the video and its subtle humor combined to create one of our favorite recruiting videos of all time!

We hope these videos have provided you with ample inspiration to create your own exceptional recruiting video. Let us know which one was your favorite!

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