Leoforce to Add Job Pages, Analytics for Staffing Firm Clients

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Recruiting has been shifting to become more of a marketing-centric approach and continues to do so. The prominence of social recruiting has a lot to do with this as well as the general principles of attracting a target audience. Recruiting and marketing have obvious parallels when it comes to this. And because only doing these actions aren’t enough anymore, we require the data from these efforts to be able to make better business decisions for next time. It is with this in mind that Leoforce has been hard at work developing additions to its recruiting software solution. Leoforce is expected to add client-branded job pages and accompanying analytics to its platform in June, allowing clients to take advantage of current trends and benefit even more from the behavioral data that Leoforce already collects and is known for.

Some of the key benefits include…


The mobile revolution has been well documented. In late April, Google changed its algorithm for searches done on mobile devices. Any site that isn’t mobile-friendly will basically be nonexistent in search results when the search is done on a mobile device. That means the visibility of the brand and the jobs will take a big hit and give mobile-friendly competitors a clear advantage. Even more intriguing is the fact that half of the largest US staffing firms don’t pass the Google mobile-friendly test. Clients of Leoforce will greatly benefit from adding this weapon to their arsenal, especially considering that 83% of job seekers use smartphones or tablets when searching for jobs.

Build relationships with passive candidates

Recruiter profiles come complete with picture, video, social profiles and contact info that can be automatically included on each job. This gives a much more personal touch to your open jobs list and allows passive, and active, candidates to get more comfortable with the recruiters and organization. And given the fact that 58% of employees search for jobs each month, it will give those passive candidates a lot of opportunity to become familiar with your brand.

Encourage actions

The job pages were designed with marketing landing page best practices in mind. Strong calls to action are woven throughout to encourage candidates to take action at a much higher rate than traditional job postings. This is a big deal as it could be the difference between a candidate closing out your job posting and applying to it.


Leoforce already offers the ability to track opens and clicks from emails that are sent from the solution to automatically sourced candidates. These candidates are prequalified from previous learned behavior and the emails confirm interest to allow your recruiters to start with a pool of initially qualified and interested prospects. To build on that, this new feature allows you to track traffic from emails to the jobs page, overall traffic to the jobs page and clicks on the apply link. This allows you to refine your messaging as well as more aggressively pursue those who may have clicked on the apply link but didn’t submit their application. This intelligence will give management and recruiters the tools to make better business decisions and refine their recruitment process.

Leoforce is always looking for ways to implement advantages for their clients and are excited to roll out these new features in June. If you’d like to learn more you can request a demo or emails us at questions@leoforce.com.

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