Report: 2016 Global Recruiting Trends for SMBs

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It’s hard to believe, but 2015 is quickly coming to a close. I imagine you are all busy making plans for the coming year, as we are here at Leoforce—luckily, LinkedIn released their annual global recruiting trends report just in time to help us all solidify our plans. To generate the report, LinkedIn surveyed 3,894 talent acquisition decision makers across the globe, 55 percent of who manage small or mid-sized businesses (SMBs). If you work in HR for a SMB, you’ll definitely want to take a look at these insights to inform your own recruiting plans. Download the full report here, or continuing reading for the highlights.

First of all, SMBs plan to continue growing in 2016: 62 percent of respondents expect their hiring volume to increase in the New Year.
Slide 6 - Hiring volume expectations

Where do SMBs find top talent?
SMBs reported having the best luck finding quality candidates through online job boards, whereas big businesses had more success with employee referral programs and social professional networks like LinkedIn.

Who are SMBs hiring?
SMBs focus recruiting efforts on younger candidates, but have found that their biggest roadblocks to landing talent are providing the desired compensation, losing candidates to competitors and lack of awareness or interest in their brand on the candidate’s end.
Slide 10 - Recruiting young professionals, internal candidates and passive talent

Which metrics are most important to SMBs?
SMB talent acquisition managers reported that quality of hire is the most valuable metric, followed by time-to-fill and hiring manager satisfaction. However, only 33% of recruiting managers at SMBs feel confident that they have a good system for measuring this.

What are the top 3 recruiting priorities for SMBs in 2016?
Going into 2016, SMBs’ top priorities are recruiting highly-skilled talent, retaining top talent within their company and improving the quality of each hire.

What are the top 3 recruiting challenges SMBs will face in 2016?
Talent acquisition managers at SMBs predict that their biggest recruiting challenges in 2016 will be finding candidates in high-demand talent pools, providing the desired compensation for candidates and winning the talent war against their competitors.

What are the top 3 recruiting trends to keep in mind for 2016?
In 2016, HR departments at SMBs across the globe plan to learn how to better utilize social and professional networks, grow their employer branding, and improve their sourcing techniques for passive candidates.

Do you share the any of the same priorities, concerns and practices as your counterparts around the globe? Let us know in the comments! For more insights, download LinkedIn’s full report here. Happy planning for the 2016 year!

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